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 Rebuilding clan

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General of the Army [Leader]
General of the Army [Leader]

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PostSubject: Rebuilding clan   2/24/2009, 12:31

Anyone that reads this an would like to either join United Gaming or rejoin please know we don't hack so if you want in clan DO NOT even try to use them. We are going to try to rebuild clan and make it so the newer players can learn how to game without hackers in games. Meaning we will play clan vs clan (our clan that is) so they learn how to teamwork. Main reason is the game is getting very boring with all the dam hackers in every game. If anyone is interested please let me know on forums, even if you were kicked and want back in let me know because as of right now there is no hard feelings on my end towards anyone. Later peeps peace
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2nd in Command [Admin]
2nd in Command [Admin]

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PostSubject: Re: Rebuilding clan   2/25/2009, 00:15

sounds good.

also. take note that any new members, will be thoroughly reviewed, we will be taking extra precautions against hackers and/or glitchers.
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Rebuilding clan
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