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 Site and Clan Rules

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2nd in Command [Admin]
2nd in Command [Admin]

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PostSubject: Site and Clan Rules   12/16/2008, 06:14

Site Rules:
-No Spamming
-No Flaming, Unless it is in the "Flame Tank" thread.
-If any problems or questions may occur PM either the Clan Leader and/or Admin.
-No harmful downloads, links, or attachments may be posted.
-When posting about a hacker and/or glitcher, you must have a SS [screenshot], IGN [in-game name] of the hacker/glitcher, and accusation.
-Read through topics and threads, before asking a question, because it may have already been answered.

Clan Rules:
-Must add Leader and Admins. [Although adding other members is optional].
-Show respect to other members. (Add this means don't whin about ur clan mates being hackers the first week your in clan or UG_Will
{Clan Leader} will kick you out of the clan)
-No clan matches unless a clan admin is present.
-Ventrilo or Teamspeak is not mandatory, but would be helpful.
-If we find out you are hacking you will be banned from the forums, kicked from the clan, and reported.

Failure to follow the rules may get you kicked from the clan and/or banned or permabanned from the site.

Each section and its sub forums has its own specified rules, make sure to read over them before posting.
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Site and Clan Rules
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